Final Exam: Hints

posted Jul 13, 2021, 8:38 AM by mohd afzan othman
Please find the details of the 20202021-2 Final Exam as following;

Date: 17 July 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 8.30 am 
Duration: 2 Hours and 30 minutes
Platform: Webex (link will be given later)

Two sections:      PART A (50 marks) - Answer 2 Questions. (Assembly Language)
                        PART B (50 marks) - Answer 2 Questions. (C-Programming)


PART A:      Theoretical (AVR ATmega32 Architecture)
                Assembly Language: Simple programming and analysis.
                Addressing mode programming (direct, indirect, register, etc)
                All AVR instructions learned in class. Print out instruction set summaries.
                Subroutine and stack pointer analysis.
                Assembly programming based on given flow chart/problem statement/arithmetic equations.
                Shift and rotate instructions.
PART B:      C programming. Input/output (IO) programming (LED, 7-segments, switches, circuit drawing, etc) 
                Interrupt programming. (External hardware interrupt programming)
                Timer calculations and timer programming (CTC and normal mode).

p/s: No plagiarism nor copy-paste your friend’s answers. If caught cheated both parties will be penalized.

Please enable the side camera during the Exam. Side camera setup as Figure 1. Make sure you, your screen monitor, and your working space (table) are CLEARLY visible. THIS IS A MUST!

Figure 1