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SKEL1223 Test 1

posted Mar 11, 2018, 7:26 AM by mohd afzan othman
Dear All,

Test 1 for Digital Electronics will be held as follows:

Date: 15/03/2017 (Thursday)
Time: 5.30-6.30pm
Venue: P16 Demo 1
Test Covers: Module 1 until Module 3 (Boolean simplifications).
Hints: Module 1 - analog vs digital, why digitals?. Calculation: frequency, time delay, duty cycle, pulse width.
         Module 2 - Number conversion (binary, decimal, hexadecimal and other bases), Digital codes (BCD, Gray code,                                 ASCII,  unicode)
         Module 3 - Logic gates, Boolean expressions, True Table, Boolean algebra & Boolean simplification using boolean                             algebra, De Morgan

**De morgan theorems and 12 basic rules will be provided. TQ!
**Calculator is not allowed

Exercises in class can be found in attachment below.
mohd afzan othman,
Mar 11, 2018, 7:26 AM